Privacy and cookies policy

A cookie is a small file of text that automatically downloads in your browser when you enter in our website. Thanks to the information that it gives us, we can get real information about the data given. So, when you come back again, we will remember your preferences and the user experience will be improve for you.

Otherwise, if you prefer do not give us your data, you can block the cookies from your browser setting the correct option. However, it could cause a malfunctioning of some webs inside the site. Cookies are required to offer a unic experience.

¿Why should I allow the cookies?

Allowing cookies we will be able to offer you a better user experience and keep you inform of news of your interest and preferences. Also, it asure the correct work of the sociability 2.0 inside the site allowing you interact with the site like post comments…

¿What does it happend if I block the cookies?

If you block the cookies from your browser, you could experience an odd behaviour of the site and some web pages could do not show correctly even you could be denied some services inside the site. In conclusion, the user experience will be limited and you will not be able to see your save content. Your browser is setting by default to accept cookies. If you finally decide to not allow them, you will have to put in contact with your sistem administrator to help you to set your browser properly.