Project Description

MWC – Mobile World Congress

Our relationship with the MWC begins in the first Congress that was held in Barcelona in 2006, initially at Montjuc and finally landing on Gran Via venue. We have worked in all their levels: advertising and signage.

Due to the magnitude and complexity of the event, our company keeps open negotiations with the Organization throughout the whole year. Consultations, new sites, new budgets, technical advice requests, etc.

The hiring of advertising is done directly by the commercial direction of the Congress and, subsequently, they facilitate us information and the exhibitor’s contact to begin the reception of final artworks. All production is carried out in our studio, maintaining an open relationship with the customer in relation to printing tests, materials, location of recruitment, etc.

The installation instructions, authorizations and planning dates are given by the venue’s organisation as by the responsible person for each area of the MWC.

The duration of the installation takes 30 days and the removal takes 3 weeks.

The following elements were installed during the Congress:

  • Outdoor billboard double-sided 45 x 11 m.
  • Full vinyl exterior
  • Decoration by large banner of bridges (public pedestrian access)
  • Laminated floor-sticker for access indication
  • Signage Barcelona Airport
  • Outdoor towers
  • Outdoor masts
  • Signage for the exterior access to the venue
  • Singular signage for service taxis and buses
  • Global signage of all pavilions and access to the inside of the venue
  • Outdoor Corporeal
  • Indoor hanging banners for advertising exhibitors and sponsors
  • Vinyl decoration for escalators
  • Polisub fabric in wood framed
  • Stands decoration with fomex, forex, electrostatic vinyl, methacrylate, etc.
  • Canvas large format displays advertising in interior venue
  • Backlight canvas
  • Free-standing signs for information on indoor venue
  • Decoration at registration desks

Event: MWC – Mobile World Congress

Data: 2-5 March 2015

Scope: 4 meses

fabric flags
flags and tower
banner pvc
banner pvc
fabric flags
banner pvc
banner pvc
banner pvc
wooden structures
wooden structures
country banners