Project Description


Our client and partner for this project is the British agency responsible for Ericsson to implement its global image during the MWC. Initially they show us the breefing and items to budget.

Once accepted our assessment, we began testing and submission of samples in our studio with 3 months before the inauguration.

We retouch a proposal and agree on the choice of materials according to the needs of our client. A month before everything is ready to start production.

The process, more than ever, is careful. It is a demanding challenge. Very specific colors and accurate materials.

Once supervised the manufacture and printing by the project leaders, we began the installation 15 days before the start of the congress. Coordinate with executives of the enclosure our needs and the exhibitor too. All ready to go.

10 people work exclusively for this request. As in all cases, there are changes of location and eliminate with modifications that come along the way.

We use a variety of materials for installing:

  • Opaque canvas 60 x 5.50 m. at the entrance to Ericsson both
  • Micro canvas 30 x 14 m. outdoor location
  • Digital print vinyl
  • Fret cut vinyl
  • Printed methacrylate
  • Forex
  • Foamex
  • Opaque canvas hung from the ceiling of the stand

Event: Mobile World Congress

Data: 2-5 March 2015

Scope: 3 month

Lona gran formato
entrada principal
entrada stand
entrada stand
decoración stand
decoración stand
cierre stand
decoración stand
decoración stand
decoración stand